Basis Platform Overview

Basis Platform is the software solution for planning, buying, monitoring, and billing reconciliation across various purchase methods, collaborators, and placements needed to build an effective guaranteed digital media campaign. The user-friendly platform connects with existing systems in the ad tech space facilitating a more seamless and complete digital media experience.

Basis Platform provides a digital advertising solution with an end-to-end technology that manages campaign goals. Your agency and vendor media team organizes, plans, negotiates, executes, monitors, and reconciles all aspects of your digital ad goals and objectives. Basis Platform's keeps ongoing communication and knowledge sharing between team members streamlining campaign execution.

The agency contacts (buyers) plan, manage, negotiate, and communicate with vendors collaboratively to meet client goals. The agency contacts and vendors have the ability to plan, view, and monitor the campaign status, adjust delivery and costs data, and provide billing and performance reports with full communication within Basis Platform.

Basis Platform assists with connecting buyers and vendors in a single web application.  Basis Platform provides centralizing the following ad technology:

  • Selecting vendors and properties from a directory
  • Increasing media team collaboration
  • Creating campaign proposals
  • Accepting contracts
  • Integrating with ad servers
  • Tracking data delivery
  • Managing performance
  • Executing billing reports.
  • Customizing campaign planning and performance charts and reports

You view and monitor the campaign status, adjust delivery data, and communicate with the account users in the Basis Platform application from beginning-to-end.  The dashboard views a campaign index, status, brand, date, and action required.  An activity feed keeps track your campaign changes.  And notifications display your agency campaign changes. You collaborate with the account users with versioned proposals and contracts along with direct messages.  Basis Platform also allows revisions and adjustments throughout the campaign. Final billing facilitation allows streamlined process for final accounting and finance.

Note: The Basis Platform session is available without interruption for 24 hours. A disruption of the session decreases the time out.

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