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The Basis Platform provides a directory for agency and vendor users. The Basis Platform directory stores the Property and Contact information. A property from the directory is a media plan requirement.

The default directory page displays the Property list and Search field . The Property list displays the following fields:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Market
  • Vertical
  • Unique Visitors

Note: Basis Platform integrates with comScore in supporting the number of Unique Visitors. The Property page display the Unique Visitors based on desktop-only views.

The Basis Provided status is also visible. (Refer to Basis Provided section for more details.)

The directory list allows you to sort alphabetically by the field name. You also have a search option by property. For properties, you search by the name. After you enter the name, the results appear. You click on the Property details appear.

Filtering is also available by the following drop menu options:

  • Market
  • Vertical
  • Type
  • Status

You can also search and filter for more specific results.

Property and Vendor Index Examples

Property Search Page


Property Added to Plan Examples


Property Profile



Active properties appear in the Directory by default. To view inactive properties, enable the Inactive option on the Status filter drop menu. The results display the inactive properties in a lighter gray text. Clicking on the name launches the Property page labeled as Inactive. Hovering over the underlined Inactive label displays the following deactivation details:

  • Name of the property
  • Date the property was deactivated.
  • Name of the team member who deactivated the property
  • Reason the property was deactivated.
  • Link or URL to a new property selling ad space
  • Additional notes regarding the deactivate property to the agency team members

Deactivated properties appears as inactive. Properties are deactivated for reasons such as re-branding or merger. When a deactivated property is on a campaign in Planning, Approved, or Live you are notified. The message appears in the Notifications, Activity Feed, campaign overview, and media plan. In the media plan, an alert icon appears displaying the deactivation and vendor removal in the details.

The campaign continues in negotiations, accepted, and live with the deactivated vendor or property. The inactive vendor or property is visible on the campaign media plan. You are unable to add the inactive vendor or property to new plans.

Inactive Property

InActive_Dir_v_c.png InActive_Dir_MP_v_c.png
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