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The Reports button on the analytics mode provides Download reports. Selecting a download creates a report of the applicable fields in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet file format. The reports allows editing of the cells. The formatted Performance reports allow additional built in headers and unit type along with location for agency logo. The sorting and filtering of the columns are also available. The pre-formatted data provides a report ready to send directly to the client.

Note: When the data value is not applicable (empty), the cell is blank.

Selecting the Reports button launches the available downloads:

Campaign Reports

  • Daily Delivery
  • Performance Report (Net)
  • Performance Report (Gross)

DSP Reports

  • Delivery/Performance Report
  • Data Segment Report
  • Geo Report

Reports Page Example


Daily Delivery

A Daily Delivery download contains data for a single placement on a specific day. A row in the Excel report represents a single placement for each day it is live for the selected date range. The daily delivery download includes all custom conversions configured for a property in the ad server and metrics for total conversions, click through conversions, and view through conversions.

The download report displays the selected metrics for the delivery source. Managing the displayed metrics are in the map delivery in the analytics mode. The Daily Delivery report displays the selected metric. The unselected metrics appear as blank fields.

Performance Report (Net) or (Gross)

The formatted Performance Report Net or Gross download contains data for a single campaign. Each row in the report represents a single line item on an individual property site. The report provides net totals for the selected date range. Packages are treated in this file as a single line item. The report shows the condensed values for the total package in a single row in the Excel file. The Performance Alert (icon) option is available to send the report and a message to specific vendors.

The performance report displays a separate add-ons section below the media plan containing the data for a single campaign. Each row represents a single add-on. The Performance Reports table displays fields applicable to add-ons under the description.

Delivery/Performance Report

Data Segment Report

Geo Report

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