Receiving and Responding to an IO

Receiving and Responding to an IO

An Insertion Order (IO) is a contract summarizing the approved media plan along with the terms and conditions, billing, and payment information. Click on the IO link under your Notifications or Activity feed to view the IO contract.

Under the Messages center, you receive communications from the agency along with the option to view the contract or the line item details. The vendor receives the message including this IO information:

IO Message and Summary Information

IO Message

Agency Collaborators

Vendor Collaborators

Message body

View IO contract button

Line Items

View IO ($) - status (Pending, Rejected, Withdrawn) button

IO Summary




Terms & Conditions

Name of terms and conditions


Payment terms length

Billing Information





Clicking on the IO link under Notifications and Activity feed along with the View IO contract button launches the contract page for acceptance or rejection. Clicking on the View IO ($) - pending button re-directs you to the Proposals mode. The Proposals field displays the IO budget, status, and time stamp.

You review and respond to the IO with an acceptance or rejection. The acceptance requires the payment information along with the digital signature. When the IO includes multiple properties from the same vendor, you receive a single message. You accept the IO for all line items and properties. Your response changes the IO status from Pending to Accepted. The buyer receives a message confirming the acceptance. When you reject the IO, the response changes the status from Pending to Rejected. The buyer receives a message confirming the rejection.

Basis Platform saves the IO and provides a details view. The details are also available for printing purposes.

IO Acceptance Request Message and Summary Examples




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