Property Overview

A Property refers to the website, network, or ad exchange, or DSP (demand side platform) available by a vendor. The Property provides the line item placements on a platform including the mobile, tablet, and Web browser. The Basis Platform directory stores the Property by name, Basis Provided status and details information.

The Property details provide a brief summary of the ad space. Based on the campaign objectives, you choose a Property reviewing the informative data. The data includes the following:

  • Unique Visitors
  • URL
  • Type
  • Offline Properties (print, TV, radio)
  • Page Views
  • Market
  • Verticals
  • Notes 

Property Directorypropsearch_mrkup.png

When you require more information about the property, click on the property name for details. The details and contact information appear. Direct links are available through the Property website URL. You also have direct links to the vendors. 

Property Page

Note: Basis Platform integrates with comScore in supporting the number of Unique Visitors. The Property page display the Unique Visitors based on desktop-only views.

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