Dashboard - Campaign Index Summary

The Dashboard launches after you Sign in to Basis Platform. Based on your role, the Dashboard provides a view of the campaign by status.  The vendors view their campaigns along with their status. By Agency/Brand, you view the campaign name. The Dashboard displays the campaigns by filtering the status with quantity.

Dashboard - Campaign Details


The campaign list displays a summary of the following information:

Dashboard Page - Campaign Index Fields




Name of the agency when specified


Name of the brand (if specified)

Campaigns appear by brand group header.

Media Plan Name/description of the media plan
Due Response due date and time for proposal updates
Property Name or title of the property

start/end - Dates display as mm/dd/yy.

(blank dates) - Proposal without specified dates. (No IO)

target - Proposal with specified dates without an accepted IO

contracted - Accepted IO with specified dates

The Dashboard displays the earliest start and latest end dates of the line items of the campaign.


Campaign status:

Planning - In development

Contracted - Accepted IO

Completed - Finished through end date

Archived/Reason - Suspended during planning or unapproved with a vendor


target - Specified budget without an accepted IO

contracted - Accepted IO with specified budget

(blank) - Not specified

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