Dashboard Page - Filter Viewing

The Dashboard is the home page providing an overview of the alerts, activities, and campaigns. After Sign in, Basis Platform launches the Dashboard with a campaign index by Agency and Brand.

Throughout the campaign, you view your Notifications, Activity feed, and status Filter.

Note: When you create an Initiative without a campaign, the Dashboard under Viewing: My Campaigns does not display The Client/Brand and Initiative row. Select the Viewing All Campaigns and search for the Initiative.

The active campaigns are the default on the Dashboard. The index lists the campaigns in alphabetical order by Agency and Brand name. You filter the campaigns by status. The options include the following Filters: 



Planning (Qty)

Campaigns in development (Initial media plan, proposal updates, etc.)

Contracted (Qty)

Campaigns with accepted insertion orders or confirmed plans

Completed (Qty) Campaigns finished through the end date (Disabled by default)
Archived (Qty) Campaigns suspended during planning or unapproved by the agency (Disabled by default)

Dashboard Filter Examples


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