Dashboard - Search Options

The Dashboard provides a Search feature. You enter keywords or numbers along with special characters in the search field. (E.g. Campaign ID) The results of the search improves finding, navigating, and loading the campaigns. The matching results appear on the Dashboard. The search results with matching characters display the highlighted text. The following terms are available for the search feature.

Dashboard - Available Search Campaign by Term and Results


Highlight Results
Agency Characters highlight in the agency name
Brand Characters highlight in the brand name
Due Date Numbers highlight in the date
Property Characters highlight in the name
Campaign Name Characters highlight in the campaign or media plan name
Campaign ID Characters highlight in the ID (if available)
Line Item Description Characters highlight in the line item description
Target or Contracted Date Numbers highlight in the date
Target or Contracted Date Numbers highlight in the date
Notes Letters(s) highlight on the line item
Collaborators Dashboard displays campaigns with associated user name.

Alpha Match Results


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