IO Submittal Requirements

Insertion Order (IO) Submittal Requirements

An agency contact generates an IO with the client approved media plan Basis Platform requires the IO message to include the vendor(s) with the associated property and contact along with the terms and conditions. The vendor and contact is from the approved media plan. The terms & conditions are specified with the stored vendor information in the Basis Platform directory.

IO Message Requirements from the Agency to the Vendor



The contract information in the IO message is auto-generated from the approved media plan. Basis Platform retrieves the information displaying the IO ID number, campaign details, vendor, property, and contact along with payment and billing information.

IO Campaign Summary - Auto-Generated by Approved Media Plan


From the approved media plan, the line item details are also displayed. The campaign details, start and end dates, units, rates, and costs.

IO Line Item Summary - Auto-Generated by Approved Media Plan


The agency contact sends the IO for acceptance. The message sent to the vendor includes the required and auto-generated information. A confirmation message appears the IO is sent to the vendor. The vendor receives and accepts (or rejects) the IO.

The vendor receives a private email and a message in Basis Platform along with a Notification. The vendor clicks the applicable link launching the IO Summary.

Basis Platform Message from the Agency to the Vendor


Basis Platform Vendor IO Click Through Pending Notification


From the IO Summary, the vendor clicks the Accept button. A confirmation message appears.

IO Vendor Acceptance


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