Proposals Overview

Basis Platform provides the flexibility of creating and modifying campaign. Multiple media plans and proposals within a campaign are supported. The proposals provide defined line items including the type, start/end dates, units, rate, and cost. The various line item details are stored in a single location as proposals. The proposals are stored by date and time along with the associated message. 

As you plan the campaign, you can create different line items.  Basis Platform allows you to send the same or unique plans to different vendors and properties.

Basis Platform supports vendors with multiple properties. The properties can have various proposals with different line item details. In the Edit mode, you can modify the line items, save them, and continue to change the proposal.

Example of Multiple Line Items


You modify in the Edit mode and select Save. Alternatively, you modify the line items in the View proposals mode and merge. Clicking the Merge button in Basis Platform saves (and accepts) the received updates along with any changes completed.

Note: As you select the View proposals mode, Basis Platform confirms you merged the changes before exiting the page.

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