Generating, Sending, and Accepting an IO

Generating, Sending, and Accepting an IO

Vendor Acceptance Workflow


The agency contact generates and IO to Send an IO for Acceptance to the vendor. The pending IO waits for vendor acceptance.

Agency Contact Sending an IO to a Vendor Collaborator



The vendor user receives the IO and accepts the contract. The IOs are available under the Actions button under View.

Actions: View IO Example (Vendor)


The vendor reviews the Insertion Orders side panel.  The vendor checks the status under IO.   Clicking the IO of the pending contract launches the summary. The summary includes the instructions, details, terms and conditions, billing and payment information along with the line items.

Vendor IO Side Panel - Pending


The digital signature acceptance confirms the campaign details on the IO summary. Clicking the Accept button confirms the contract. The IO status changes from pending to accepted. The vendor receives confirmation of the acceptance.

IO Summary - Vendor Accept Button



Basis Platform informs the agency contact the vendor accepted the IO via the Notifications, Messages, and Activity feed. Basis Platform auto-generates a version and unique contract number. The IO status is under the Actions button under Manage. The Approvals list the Client Approval and Vendor IO status.

IO Side Panel - Vendor Accept Status


Agency Contact and Vendor Accepted


Note: When the contract requires a modification, the agency contact creates a revised IO.

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