Dynamic Rate Type Overview

Dynamic Rate Type Overview

Basis Platform supports dynamic rate types (also known as real-time bidding) with third party services. Campaigns with dynamic line items include planning, tracking delivery, and billing.

When you change rate types between CPM to Dynamic CPM, CPC to Dynamic CPC, or CPCV to Dynamic CPCV, Basis Platform maintains the net rate (or est rate).

Note: Basis Platform caps the total gross spend at the contract cost.

During campaign planning, the inventory units (imps/clicks/CVs), rates, and costs are estimated projections. Under the Cost column, you can also enter the estimated quantity in the ad serving field. Basis Platform calculates the ad serving costs in the tooltip. When the campaign is live, Basis Platform updates the actual totals based on your entered delivery (clicks or impressions or completed views), rate, and cost.

Dynamic Pricing Rate - Estimated Examples

dyn_pricing_vendor_c_hh.png dyn_pricing_vendor_est_c.png
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