Create (or Modify) a Line Item

Line Item Edit Mode


The media plan has different controls for planning.

Controls Options


View Proposals

Enter media plan values

Delete line item modifications during planning

Save the media plan values

Done activates the option to view and send a proposal (Clicking Done before saving discards the recent changes).

Send proposal button sends an update to agency

Stores and creates proposal updates during planning

Select a proposal drop menu provides history of proposal updates by selection

Merge creates new draft of changes and allows editing and saving of the draft

Enter media plan values

Hide/View Differences displays modifications (View) or current (Hide) fields

View IO contract launches the IO Summary

Controls: Edit and Proposal Updates Examples

MP_LI_mrkup.pngMP_LI_EditMode_mrkup_v.png MP_LI_Prop_markup_v.png

The Basis Platform calculates and displays the campaign efficiency and costs at the lower part of the page.

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