Campaign Planning Summary

The media plan page serves as a tool for planning the campaign. Throughout the campaign, you create the campaign, download the media plan, and create delivery reports. This page is a single source of information about your campaign.

The media plan page captures the combinations of line items for meeting the campaign objectives. The planning stage provides the creation of the media plan.

The campaign information displays the planning, approved, live, completed, and archived stages. The title includes the campaign name with the agency, duration, objectives, and details. The Plan drop menu media plan displays the title of the media plan along with any versions and revisions. You create multiple versions in the Plan drop menu.

Media Page Example


The campaign name is the header title. When budget and dates are specified in the proposal, they are described as target. When the media plan is accepted, the budget and dates are described as contracted. (When a proposal does not specify the budget or dates, the fields are blank.) The header displays the earliest start and latest end dates of the line items. When a response is due, the header displays the date and time on the header.

Media Plan Campaign Header

Planned, with due date


Planned, no Accepted status


Note: The agency name appears in the campaign header when the brand is enabled in the original RFP message.

Accepted (Campaign not started.)


Media Plan Campaign Header Example


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